Driving Lesson


Pauline was driving back home after work. Fatigued and tired it was difficult for her to sit behind the wheel and endure possibly another fifteen minutes on the road. She slowed down on seeing the approaching red signal. Adjusting the rear view mirror she was pained to see the person reflecting back. It was her childhood friend who lived on the same street as her sitting at the passenger side. A flood of memories tumbled down when she took into account how the congenial company they once shared couldn’t withstand the turbulent times ahead. The attempts made in the reconciliation phase turned in vain as they became even more hostile. As she began doing a mental countdown waiting for the light to change she resolved to never let the building animosity consume herself. The signal switched colors and she cast one final glance in her direction but instead stumbled upon a satirizing line taking a swift jibe all along,

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear “.

Versatile Blogger Award


I want to thank simplisInsights for nominating me for this award. I am so honored and humbled on being at the receiving end of this. I cannot emphasize enough that this token of encouragement is incredibly uplifting for me as I have just started out. This is going to push me further in my blogging journey.Thank you!

I also request you to stop by her blog. She is a wonderful writer and an equally beautiful person to be around. I assure you that you will be having a learning and an inspiring takeaway.


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  • I am a ginormous lover of words. I actually get into a very disconcerting state when you toss upon a word to me and my worldly armor does not fire up there and then with its meaning. In a blink of an eye, you will find me heading towards Google!
  • With the start of my 20s, I have become much more aware and selective about what I eat. Not that I earlier ate a lot of junk food, but it is just that now I am really critical of the things I stuff myself with. I, therefore, have little hypochondriac tendencies.
  • My favorite application as of now is Flipboard. I am so hooked onto it.Do try if you haven’t!
  • I enjoy watching The Ellen DeGeneres show.
  • I do not like walking slowly. I usually tend to walk at a moderate to fast pace wherever I am heading to.
  • Kiwi is my favourite fruit.
  • Being a part of this amazing blogging community is the best thing happened to me last year. Thank you all for being so supportive and kind to me.


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Climbing Up



It is fairly easy to climb a ladder. One step at a time and gripping both the ends tightly with secured hands makes reaching the apex a child’s play. Great altitudes conjured up in the mind are transcended with a similar technique. Clasping onto just dreams is not and never enough. It is like ascending steps with one hand, the other in all its resounding and calm glory in the sheer ease within the pockets. The perfect duplet for scaling heights couples up dreams with meaningful goals. Goals which are small yet impactful, obscured yet traversable and untrodden yet infallible.

Honoring Gratitude

Each one of us has certain key beliefs or values which form an integral part of our being.

They define the spirit of Homo sapiens along with uniting their varied personas and diverse backgrounds into one fine intangible thread of ethics.

One of them being Gratitude.

I vividly remember how I learnt the essence of the words, “Thank You”. This simple phrase has quite a little story behind me learning and valuing it.

There was one simple yet beautiful black polished frame that adorned the showcase of my grandparents’ house. Perched on the center of other showpieces this one always seemed to intrigue me the most. The following words were overlaid on black background with a bright hue of silver

Thanks is just a little word

No bigger than a minute

But there’s a world of meaning

and appreciation in it.

There were times, probably, when I was in my primary grade when I would be able to read only one-fourth of this short sentence. Later, it was an entirely different struggle to even read the word appreciation, let alone speak it in its entirety. Now, I laugh at myself recollecting my amusing ordeals trying to utter the word appreciation.

I have acquired the essence of gratitude through this frame. Being able to reciprocate kindness and thankfulness via these words is one of the foremost ways in which we can convey our regards and honor. Acknowledging others for whatever little ways in which they contribute and build our lives is emblematic of possessing gratitude in its utmost spirit.

A sincere, kind and truthful gesture of saying thank you serves as a catalyst in setting up a perpetual cycle of spreading kindness. It is the quintessential symbol of showing and upholding the ideals of gratitude. The person on the receiving end of appreciation will honor the feeling and is more likely to spread it to the society around him.

It all kick-starts from ourselves.

Indeed, thank you is just a little word, a little token of appreciation but this gesture has a world of meaning all wrapped around it.

So the next time you witness somebody doing a selfless thing for you,pause and stop to take a moment to thank  and acknowledge the service rendered by this wonderful fellow.It goes a long way!

The Wanderer, Delivering Smiles

Traveling with smiles


The warm and dazzling rays of the sun penetrated through the double glazed windows into his room. He woke up with a damp cloth above his head and a thermometer by his bedside. The fever had subsided from the previous night but the unceasing pain in his arms and legs was still there. He did his morning routine and headed out for the day for his job.

Upon arriving at the pickup store, he collected the schedule for the day along with numerous corrugated packages. He scrutinized the day’s timetable and mentally prepared the road-map and the route he would have to follow. Traveling had always been something he enjoyed so much. To reap the countless beauties of it along with doing his part-time job gave him the utmost pleasure.

Wandering into places never been before coupled up with the beaming smiles the people would give him when he reached their doorsteps was totally priceless for him. He had been doing this for months and had gained a rich perspective into the diverse human nature. There were times when the recipient never responded to his doorbell even though he was fully aware that the person was indeed inside and sometimes he was even reprimanded for something which was not his fault. It disheartened him to be at the receiving end of such false accusations.

And then there were times when people would really be courteous, kind and respectful of the work he did. The best part was seeing the children reacting to his presence; they would be so enthusiastic to see their orders come that they would start jumping around with unbridled joy. With these thoughts in mind, he kept on pushing himself despite his body telling him otherwise. He respected the job he did and continued to push himself for the things he loved, traveling and delivering smiles.

He knocked on the door for his last delivery for the day with the package in his hand and greeted the man with a warm smile. The package was quite heavy and he expected something quite brittle in it. He had taken utmost care to not let the package be harmed in any way during his trips. The man replied in a strident voice that he had not placed any such order and told him to go away. He tried to politely reason out to him that he even received a call from a lady earlier today who told him to deliver her order at the earliest that day itself.

His attempts to convince him were futile and soon enough he had to again make a trip back to the store for the third packet which had  not been delivered. “Sometimes,I think” he pondered,”how beautiful it could be if everyone reciprocated respect and valued every job.Now I have to go back with a disheartened mood and an equally shooting pain throughout my body.”

A Thrilling Chase


I was feeling unusually adventurous earlier today. The sheer monotony and dullness of the day were perhaps not able to belittle my excitement of venturing out and doing something exciting.

So off I went and landed up at my starting spot on a subway with my colorful spray paints. Even the repercussions of my mindless vandalism act couldn’t deter me from painting the nearby train with my artistic tools.

I was painting haphazardly in all random directions over the letters and creating my own too.  Just as I was about to reach the top and draw my favorite caricature a tap was made and a policeman started chasing me with his faithful canine.

Well, I am not going to surrender to him without putting up a fierce fight. So let the chase begin.

I charged on the railway track with enormous speed and not far behind me was the angry cop catching up to me and waving off his stick. Sprinting through the three tracks laid out, I made a calculated and a precise jump onto another track whenever I encountered a train coming up from the opposite direction and even when there were barriers set up on my escapade. I vaulted over the hurdles which were of relatively enormous height opposed to my short build.

The anticipation of increasing my count of the numerous boosters, jet-packs and gold coins kept me leaping over. The super sneakers made me dodge barriers with super ease.Many times a collision with a nearby stationary train was nearly averted.

Our Tom and Jerry chasing streak continued on and I was experiencing so much thrill running, jumping, leaping and sprinting past the trains. This action and thrill-packed adventure was put to an abrupt end when I made a right turn and stumbled upon a boulder at just the wrong time. The cop then got the perfect opportunity to handcuff me.

My futile attempt to satisfy the quench for running made me press the Play option.

Once again, off I ran to play my favorite game Subway Surfers!

Rekindled Memories


The room was small, windowless and had been unoccupied. It was fairly spartan. The lack of any source of light rendered the visibility to point zero. A small ivory-white candle flickered on the table and instantly engulfed the room with its bright golden-yellow hue. The shimmering light and the void aura of the room began forming hazy images of a childhood long gone by. The sweet and appetizing aroma of the lunchbox had now diffused. The hilarious caricatures drawn in the art file with sharpened pencils and an array of colors had now discolored. The gaping wound and deep scar formed by tripping from the roller skates had now vanished. The nightmares which overpowered sleep had now disappeared into nonexistence. The sheer anticipation of moving upwards on a seesaw had now dwindled. The candlelight faded away from a swift and gentle breeze yet the torrent of memories it ignited never cease to illuminate the nights ahead.


Significance of cultivating Open-Mindedness


3d head and open door
Capturing the literal meaning!

A first look at someone opens up the analytical section of our brain. We tend to micro-analyze the person and try to predetermine the person’s traits or demeanor and start evaluating him. And let me restate that this is done perhaps just by casting a look at the person. One has barely spent a minute with the person yet the vicious cycle of judgment commences much prior to that. This often leads to building up of false notions about the person under scanner with no to limited reason.

Appearances are deceptive. They just create an illusion of the person and are often far from the truth.

At this point, I would like to share with you a real incident when I broke free from the false assumption which was floating around right when I entered my college. I developed really good friendships with my fellow peers. But it felt amazing to get liberated from one notion that was formed somewhere due to my extreme polite and calm demeanor.

One day my math’s teacher instructed me to take attendance. I started calling out the roll numbers, each in a sequential order, speaking each name loudly in my shrill voice and more of in an energized and commanding way. When the class was finished I was amazed to hear that this mundane task brought me so many good reviews from my classmates. They all appreciated my speaking skills.

Soon I realized what I had done. I had broken free from the preconceived notion that my voice intensity was low and all the attributes which ring with this adjective.

As you read this, I urge you to take a moment and come to terms with the fact that it is never too late to break free from the notions which people around you carry about who or like what you are. What matters is a believing in yourself and overcoming these prejudices with grace and dignity.

Go let the world know the REAL you.

And to all the potential examiners, do not bracket out people without knowing the real them. By placing a person under scrutiny you are not only hampering out a great possible association but also negating and undermining an awesome personality.

Being Open-Minded is the key.

Power of being Peculiarly Stubborn



The word stubborn triggers numerous connotations with itself when it is read, spoken or written in any scenario. The subject may be regarded as being highly obstinate and headstrong in not adhering to somebody’s chosen instructions or may be labeled by as being utterly unyielding or aggressive in nature.

In this post let us see a new and different light to the word stubborn.

Isaac D’Israeli quoted “The self-educated are marked by stubborn peculiarities”.

He was a British writer, scholar and the father of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. His book The Life and Reign of Charles I (1828) resulted in his being awarded the degree of D.C.L. from the prestigious Oxford University.

Let us decrypt his aforementioned quote. Self-education also referred to as autodidacticism is characterized by self-learning and self-teaching about a subject in which one has had little to no formal education. The people who have had acquired their skills via this education displayed eccentric and peculiar persona which helped them to overcome difficulty, danger and disappointed. Their stubborn and relentless pursuit to learn and master their craft ushered their way to success.

Let us dig deep into history to find and zoom into some prominent autodidacts:

  • Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali polymath reshaped his region’s literature and music. The author of Gitanjali,became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.
  • Russian cinematographer Mikhail Krichman taught himself cinematography through reading technical magazines, books and watching films.
  • Le Corbusier ,a Swiss architect, designer, urbanist, writer and painter, is famous for being one of the pioneers of what now is called Modernist architecture or the International style.
  • Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster, Internet entrepreneur and former President of Facebook, Inc. too was self-taught.

There are scores of other self-educated people across the world. Let their stories inspire and motivate you to polish and nurture your own craft and bring out the latent pool of your talent in front of the world. Firm determination coupled up with the unusual feature of stubbornness will propel your way in nurturing and enhancing your abilities. Being stubborn of not giving up on your abilities and dreams will help you to remain unscathed in testing times and crisis.

Identify your strengths. Educate yourself about them. Be determined. Be peculiarly stubborn.

We will miss you President Obama


We all crave for something in our lives. These cravings are a result of our constant search to not only quench our desires or wishful longings but also to infuse a sense of joy and happiness within ourselves with their fulfillment.

We crave for all sorts of things ranging from chocolate rolls,various food items, constant attention, unwavering support from our peers and the list goes on and on.

On the other hand there are certain cravings or wishes which are often unrealistic and hypothetical in nature but nonetheless there is still a yearning and longing within our self to satiate them.

As I sit back sipping my hot chocolate milk and ponder about the things I crave for at this moment, I ask myself a few questions. What are the things that I powerfully want?  What are the things that I desire? I suddenly happen to realize that today is 4th August, indeed a very special day for the world.

Image result for president obama

Today is the birthday of President Barack Obama, a true visionary, a progressive politician, a beholder of a charismatic persona and above all a loving and caring people’s leader. Since his term in the Oval Office he has taken uncountable constructive and progressive steps to not only propel USA forward to the path of sustainable development and better economic conditions but also frame and implement laws to eradicate issues which are crippling the entire world.

It is the birthday of the 44th President of the United States of America as he turns 55 and next year he would embark upon an entirely new journey as he will be leaving the Oval Office.

I am distraught, heartbroken and brimmed with emotions along with uncountable other people, his supporters and admirers as we all pay farewell to him on January.

President Obama, you are a paragon of how a political leader must really be and strive hard to bring a difference to communities and one who supports measures on forming an inclusive government.

You have made this entire world a better place to live in.

I wish you could have stayed with all of us even longer.

I will miss you. We will miss you.